Managed Print Services for Hospitals

Managed Print Services for Hospitals
from Cal-Sierra Technologies and Xerox

Due to significant successful results from various healthcare organizations, Cal-Sierra Technologies can assure you that Xerox devices equipped with Managed Print Services (MPS) are both highly recommended by end-users and provide a valuable service to hospitals. Managed Print Services have...Read More
HIT Document and Print Security

Hospitals: HIT Document and Print Security
from Cal-Sierra Technologies and Xerox

  Too often, we as humans purposely take shortcuts and make document security decisions that put organizations at risk. HIT Document and Print Security are sensitive factors a company should always take seriously, especially in Healthcare.  As an industry-leading technology...Read More
Jump Start Your Healthcare Print Security

Jump Start Your Healthcare Print Security with Help from Cal-Sierra Technologies and Xerox

Did you know that 25% of print jobs aren’t collected by those who printed them? These documents could hold sensitive and confidential company information that will end up lost or in the wrong hands. In the healthcare industry, these issues...Read More
Healthcare Issues - Enhanced Diagnostics

Healthcare Issues – Enhanced Diagnostics

Shifting Patient Profile Trends Chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, and respiratory illness are trending upward. Studies link this trend to multiple factors. A population that is aging, ever-increasing sedentary lifestyles and rising obesity levels are all cited...Read More
Healthcare - Hospital Equipment

Stop Playing Hide and Seek with Your Hospital’s Valuable Equipment

Misplacing your phone can feel like a critical situation. We live by the resources on our phones, making them a valuable asset. In healthcare, lost or misplaced assets can truly present a critical problem. When your staff is trying to...Read More
Doctors - Communication and Patient Safety

Clinical Mobility: The Solution for Better Staff Communication and Patient Safety

Mobility has become a way of life. Technology enables people to do their jobs remotely, get same-day delivery, and monitor their homes when they’re gone. We rely on our mobile devices—smartphones and tablets—as consumers and workers, to stay connected with...Read More
MC40HC - Inventory Scanning

Patients Are 3,333 Times More Likely to Be Harmed Than Airplane Passengers.

There’s a one in a million chance of a person being harmed when traveling on an airplane, and a one in 300 chance of a harm occurring to a patient as a result of healthcare, according to the World Health...Read More
Durable Smartphone

Are personal smartphones and tablets safe and strong enough for hospitals?

We’ve recently looked at the use of personal smartphones by nurses in hospitals. These convenient mobile devices blur the lines between personal and professional applications. Employers save money when they don’t have to purchase devices for their staff, but the...Read More

Get your hands on the patient wristband solution that is the right fit for the job.

Barcoded wristbands have already been proven to increase patient safety. Positive patient identification prevents medical errors and protects the integrity of specimen collection. So, you know that wristbands are the solution, but then you have a choice to make. Which...Read More
Scanning Barcode

Reduce redraws and retesting with better barcoding in the hospital lab

Lab results influence about 70% of the medical decisions. From collecting specimens to processing them, maintaining the integrity is critical to ensuring patient safety. Accuracy is also a productivity and cost concern. The expense of redraws, retesting, and the additional...Read More