Healthcare Issues – Enhanced Diagnostics

Healthcare Issues - Enhanced Diagnostics

Shifting Patient Profile Trends

Chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, and respiratory illness are trending upward. Studies link this trend to multiple factors. A population that is aging, ever-increasing sedentary lifestyles and rising obesity levels are all cited as factors in the growth of the chronic disease. Chronic diseases are long-term medical conditions, that for the most part, are progressive. These put increasing pressure on the nation’s healthcare system.

Another alarming trend is seen in the potential for pandemics. Steadily increasing international travel has been accelerating the spread of infectious diseases which increases the risk of pandemics.

Cal-Sierra and Zebra Are Leading the Response with Improved Diagnostics

Cal-Sierra and Zebra are at the forefront for delivering solutions to improve efficiency and accuracy to help healthcare organizations combat these trends. They offer a suite of healthcare scanners, mobile printers, and computers to give time-stressed clinicians an edge in treating patients in these high-risk areas.

Time to Treatment Advances

MC40-HC Mobile Computers


Right now access to information is crucial to delivering the best possible care at the moment. MC40-HC helps improve patient safety, the patient experience, and healthcare staff productivity. Consumer styling that provides enterprise-level durability, security, and functionality for healthcare providers.

MC55X Mobile Computers


Give your healthcare staff everything they need to take instant action anywhere with the MC55X. Access applications, scan barcodes, snap photos, view a video and place a private or push-to-talk call to virtually anyone in your facility – all with a single rugged healthcare ready device.

TC70/TC75 Touch Computer Series


To efficiently serve patients, clinicians need enterprise-class handheld computers to communicate and access information instantly and seamlessly. The TC70/TC75 Series is built from the ground up to help your clinicians work smarter and faster.

Cal-Sierra Technologies

Cal-Sierra is a long time Premier Partner with Zebra Technologies. You can look to the Cal-Sierra healthcare Solutions Sales team for all your Zebra device, print, and supplies requirements.

Your single source for:

  • Service and Maintenance: Featuring Zebra OneCare and Cal-Sierra customized maintenance programs for Zebra hardware.  
  • Supplies:  Certified supplies: Designed, produced and rigorously pretested to ensure consistent and optimized performance.

For more information on how Cal-Sierra can help you manage your inventory to a new level of productivity, talk to one of our Solutions Sales team members.