Cal-Sierra Technologies and Xerox ConnectKey

ConnectKey Technology Amplifying Printer Usability

ConnectKey technology is amplifying printer usability through simple navigation, effortless communication, and fitting compatibility for any industry. Enabled by Xerox, ConnectKey Apps eliminate the complexity of everyday processes for your company’s multifunctional system.

Providing industry-leading technology solutions for clients nationwide, Cal-Sierra recommends Xerox printer technology, equipped with ConnectKey Apps that will heighten your enterprise’s performance, fostering a customized experience.


Communicate with Ease

Communication with co-workers has never been easier. It’s time for your enterprise to utilize the positive effects that immediate insight will have on the performance of your enterprise. ConnectKey allows the deployment of informational apps, such as promotions and company messages all on one user interface. This multifunctional system will also support text, graphics, logos, and QR codes, saving time and increasing productivity.


No More Complex, Repetitive Workflows

Your company will appreciate a customized interface geared to provide many benefits. ConnectKey can easily create accessible shortcuts to your most-used apps and software on the initial display. No more need to add unnecessary, additional steps, elongating your employee’ daily tasks. This interface is streamlined specifically for you, allowing focus where it matters most.


Endless Possibilities

The multifunctional usage of ConnectKey allows its service to conform to any industry such as legal, hospitality, healthcare, and more. Also enabling Xerox App Studio, allows users to print directly from multiple destinations like Office 365, Dropbox, and individual websites. 

For security purposes, certain apps or customized interfaces can also be set to the specified employee, arranged by the login. This ultimately will reduce operator errors and increase productivity.


Cal-Sierra Technologies

Cal-Sierra is a long-time Platinum Solution Provider with Xerox. You can look to the Cal-Sierra Solutions Sales team for all your Xerox printer and supply requirements. For more information on how Cal-Sierra can help provide a plan for your printer and data security, talk to one of your Solutions Sales team members.

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