Extend Your Efficiencies with ConnectKey
from Xerox and Cal-Sierra Technologies

Extend Your Efficiencies with ConnectKey

Technology is constantly reforming and though the majority of businesses are adapting to its integration, it sometimes causes more problems than it seeks to fix. As an industry-leading technology solutions provider for clients nationwide, Cal-Sierra Technologies understands this issue, recommending Xerox ConnectKey enabled electronics that will extend your enterprise’s efficiencies instead of slowing them down. 

One of the biggest obstacles in the workforce centers around the management of documents and records. 52% of customers anticipate using customized applicable document workflow technology in the future. With ConnectKey, organization is no longer an unresolved concern.


Advanced Document Management

Without updated technology, companies often find themselves spending large amounts of time locating misfiled and lost paper documents. With no disaster recovery plans in place, important information like this can be a tragic issue.

The Document Management Software from ConnectKey enables your employees to access and store documents with a click of a finger. Immediately after a record is saved, it is replicated in the cloud for disaster recovery. These documents can then be accessed world-wide and fully secure, only accessible with ID’s from authorized personnel.


Innovative App System

Nowadays, there’s an app for everything. Business, leisure, you name it.

With multifunctional performance, the ConnectKey interface innovates the usage of customized apps suited to your company’s needs. These apps can reduce the time it takes to perform and complete daily tasks or assignments by a substantial percentage. To make this system even more efficient, the interface is customized with apps entirely based on which user ID is scanned.

Convenient Printing

Printer accessibility is extremely essential to your workplace environment. So much that it may be one of the most common processes stunting your enterprise’s productivity. 

App Print from IMS, allows immediate access to print from any Xerox ConnectKey Technology-enabled device. Documents are easily located and sent to the queue. All you need to do is select “print from IMS” and you are set to go.

Cal-Sierra Technologies

Cal-Sierra is a long-time Platinum Solution Provider with Xerox. You can look to the Cal-Sierra Solutions Sales team for all your Xerox printer and supply requirements. For more information on how Cal-Sierra can help provide a plan to extend your efficiencies, talk to one of your Solutions Sales team members.

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