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Xerox ConnectKey Technology and Multi-Function Printers –
A Productivity Solution from Cal-Sierra Technologies

With younger generations entering the workplace, it's time to embrace streamlined, new cutting edge technologies that implement mobility and multi-functional processes, further increasing job productivity. Providing industry-leading technology solutions nationwide, Cal­Sierra Technologies recommends Versalink and Alta link printers from Xerox...Read More
Innovation New Document Workflow

Transform Your Workplace with ConnectKey Technology from Xerox and Cal-Sierra Technologies

Efficiency is key when building and sustaining a successful workplace. Because of this, it is no surprise that most enterprises strive to be as innovative as possible in efforts to stay updated with our evolving society. To help your company...Read More

Managed Print Services for Hospitals
from Cal-Sierra Technologies and Xerox

Due to significant successful results from various healthcare organizations, Cal-Sierra Technologies can assure you that Xerox devices equipped with Managed Print Services (MPS) are both highly recommended by end-users and provide a valuable service to hospitals. Managed Print Services have...Read More

Hospitals: HIT Document and Print Security
from Cal-Sierra Technologies and Xerox

  Too often, we as humans purposely take shortcuts and make document security decisions that put organizations at risk. HIT Document and Print Security are sensitive factors a company should always take seriously, especially in Healthcare.  As an industry-leading technology...Read More

Jump Start Your Healthcare Print Security with Help from Cal-Sierra Technologies and Xerox

Did you know that 25% of print jobs aren’t collected by those who printed them? These documents could hold sensitive and confidential company information that will end up lost or in the wrong hands. In the healthcare industry, these issues...Read More

Extend Your Efficiencies with ConnectKey
from Xerox and Cal-Sierra Technologies

Technology is constantly reforming and though the majority of businesses are adapting to its integration, it sometimes causes more problems than it seeks to fix. As an industry-leading technology solutions provider for clients nationwide, Cal-Sierra Technologies understands this issue, recommending...Read More

Cal-Sierra Technologies and Xerox ConnectKey

ConnectKey technology is amplifying printer usability through simple navigation, effortless communication, and fitting compatibility for any industry. Enabled by Xerox, ConnectKey Apps eliminate the complexity of everyday processes for your company’s multifunctional system. Providing industry-leading technology solutions for clients nationwide,...Read More