Managed Print Services

As a leading Managed Print Service (MPS) provider in California, Cal-Sierra Integrates a MPS program that encompasses all your copier, printer, and fax machine hardware, supplies and maintenance. Our unique MPS model covers workflow assessment, supplies fulfillment, service and new product procurement where requested. By optimizing your fleet and understanding your specific needs we are able to identify the lowest cost device mix providing cost containment, savings, optimization, and enhanced operational control.

Streamline Your Company’s Printing Capabilities


At Cal-Sierra, our MPS strategy is not selling equipment or service contracts, but providing unique and innovative solutions that will propel your business to the next level.

Cal-Sierra’s Managed Print Service (MPS) program provides comprehensive, streamlined management of your print operation ensuring you immediate cost savings, improved service levels, and increased administrative efficiencies. Upon installation of the MPS software on your company’s network, Cal-Sierra will handle your toner fulfillment, service management, and all print devices.

Through Cal-Sierra’s resourceful approach to Managed Print Services, we can ease the strain on administrators through the installation of remote monitoring solutions. Our lifecycle management planning allows organizations to benefit from more predictable budgets and avoid unnecessary downtime. By configuring user controls and limiting print capabilities, you can rest assured that sensitive data is protected.

With Cal-Sierra’s Managed Print Services, your company will be able to:

Reduce total cost of ownership of print environment
Optimize the production of your current printer fleet
Control printing capabilities
Manage all devices regardless of manufacturer and standardize equipment where appropriate
Increase the efficiency of your supplies procurement, as well as, maintenance, support, training
Reduce energy consumption


Xerox ranks among the best business tools in Enterprise Content Management, Document Management Software, and Managed Print Services.

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Data security solutions for your managed print servicesDATA SECURITY SOLUTIONS TO PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS

Protect customer and business data with our data security solutions that prevent breaches where and when they occur and secure documents.

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Take advantage of our complimentary, no-cost Managed Print Services consultation and cost of ownership analysis. Discover how a customized, cost-saving MPS program can help your company streamline printing operations and enhance data security.