Hospitals: HIT Document and Print Security
from Cal-Sierra Technologies and Xerox

HIT Document and Print Security


Too often, we as humans purposely take shortcuts and make document security decisions that put organizations at risk. HIT Document and Print Security are sensitive factors a company should always take seriously, especially in Healthcare. 

As an industry-leading technology solutions provider for clients nationwide, Cal-Sierra Technologies seeks to supply your hospital with Managed Print Services (MPS) equipped devices, from Xerox, that will solve security threats before they happen.


What User Analytics Can Foreshadow In Your Workplace

The Ponemon Institute Study reported that employees are the leading cause of security risks: “Employees and negligence are the leading cause of security incidents but remain the least reported issue”. The results of this study support the potential benefits of User Analytics, a software that helps to provide employers with an understanding of what their users are doing with their documents and devices. Without monitoring these actions, you may miss opportunities to modify behavior and reduce security threats within your organization. User Analytics can also supply you with the tools to reach further services and solutions that drive sustainability, productivity, and security within your hospital.


How Managed Print Services (MPS) Has Already Got You Covered

Equipped with MPS technology, Cal-Sierra can assure you that Xerox printers have these concerns under wraps:

Issue Solution
Print Goes To The Wrong Printer
User Forgets Printed Document
Documents Left On Desk Or In Conference Room
Confidentiality And Information Privacy
Documents Misclassified Or Not Labeled Confidential
Slow Transaction Time Waiting For Signed
Documents Unauthorized Scanning Of Confidential Documents
Pull Printing
Pull Printing
Clean Desk Policy
Digitize Workflow
InfoSec Policy
Digitize Workflow
Device-Based Scanning Controls

MPS technology offers 100% security for the life of each device with an active security patch program, immediate alerts when a new bulletin and patch are posted, hard drive removal before a system is disposed of or turned in, and overwritten or reformatted trade-ins and returns.


MPS Can Provide You A Lift To The Cloud

With achievements in minimizing the need for on-premise servers and enabling anywhere, anytime access to applications, platforms, and services, the cloud has become an essential asset to your healthcare system.

Managed Print Services can support your move to the cloud by providing a secure central repository for all your documents hosted in the cloud, delivering personal and office productivity capabilities for improved collaboration, digitizing routine office processes that replicate the functions traditionally supported by paper, deploying workflow automation solutions to make important tasks easier to complete, and providing embedded hardware security solutions.


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