Managed Print Services for Hospitals
from Cal-Sierra Technologies and Xerox

Managed Print Services for Hospitals

Due to significant successful results from various healthcare organizations, Cal-Sierra Technologies can assure you that Xerox devices equipped with Managed Print Services (MPS) are both highly recommended by end-users and provide a valuable service to hospitals.

Managed Print Services have become a reliable asset for a growing number of healthcare organizations. With an influx of chronic diseases, an aging population, and increasing public expectations while working with constrained budgets, MPS is positioned to solve these challenges with a streamlined approach.


Time. Efficiency. Savings.

Time is of the essence, and with managed print services, it is always accounted for. Offering on-site print shop equipped with digital technology for fast, high-quality document production and an easy, intuitive, web ordering portal to streamline the forms and management process, not only is time saved, but efficiency is gained.

Full-time, on-site print center management, plus graphic design, forms, production, and finishing and courier services not only save time and increase productivity, but they also save money, further increasing the clinical delivery of care for your patients.


Organization For The Win

A multivendor print environment, excessive external print costs, no standard method for document and form management, failure to maintain secure, readily accessible records and to ensure the latest, most up-to-date software/firmware versions all are obstacles that can be overcome and perfected with MPS.

Holding an organization to high standards as a core value increases the quality of its credibility, expertise, and care delivery. Managed Print Services can aid your healthcare organization with DocuShare document management capabilities, a fast, efficient print-on-demand solution, an EMR barcoding system that simplifies the indexing, tracking, and filing of documents, and single, reliable sources for document device management.


The Patient Always Comes First

Patient care always should be the top priority. When taking the Hippocratic Oath, healthcare providers worldwide swear to abide by the sacred principles: “treat the sick to the best of one’s ability, preserve patient privacy, teach the secrets of medicine to the next generation, and so on” ( MPS technology works to implement the best patient care, helping to abide by the Hippocratic Oath, with updated, multi-functional controls, helping to digitize patient records for regulatory compliance, and hospital-wide office security management.


We Haven’t Forgotten About Our Planet

How we implement our healthcare strategies also affects our planet. It’s time we delivered top-notch results with a green approach. After all, a healthy planet means healthy inhabitants.

Managed Print Services is providing hospitals the ability to implement an energy-efficient work environment, further reducing greenhouse gases, paper expenses, and print-related energy usage, and enhancing recycling efforts. Such an approach will be a revolutionary change in our healthcare system.


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