Transform Your Workplace with ConnectKey Technology from Xerox and Cal-Sierra Technologies

Innovation New Document Workflow

Efficiency is key when building and sustaining a successful workplace. Because of this, it is no surprise that most enterprises strive to be as innovative as possible in efforts to stay updated with our evolving society. To help your company stay proactive in transforming your workplace, Cal-Sierra Technologies recommends Xerox devices equipped with ConnectKey technology.

Sustaining efficiency within your workplace not only increases productivity but allows a simpler, more innovative workflow, allowing your employees to focus primarily on the company's mission.


Innovation Is Met with New Document Workflow

Innovation New Document Workflow

With a new document workflow delivered by ConnectKey technology, you can move beyond paper-based routines, inviting digital and re-engineering processes that allow greater efficiency. When implementing fully equipped Xerox Versa Link or Altalink printers, your employees can optimize the management of patient records, invoice processing, document conversion, and employee on-boarding simply and successfully.


Multifunctional System Allows for Business App Integration

Apps have been reforming the way businesses complete everyday workplace functions like document organization, timesheets, project development and more. Reforming these essential duties creates a significant decrease in downtime spent performing tedious tasks. With ConnectKey technology, you can utilize key business system apps like ERP systems, Cloud, Hybrid, On-Premise, CRM systems, and more than simplify essential duties related to your company.


Expand Upon Your Abilities with Universal Connection

Universal Connection

Workplaces are progressing with a mission to be further advanced than their competitors. Plug and play technology, a software provided by ConnectKey technology, fulfills this goal by allowing your company to stay connected no matter how many employees you have and no matter where they are stationed. This means that they can access and print documents from any interface.


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Cal-Sierra Technologies, Inc., a Xerox Platinum Solution Partner and an Authorized Service Provider, provides innovative technology solutions for each client within the company’s business segments: Scan and Print, Customer Experience Management, and Server Solutions. Our mission is to develop long-term partnerships through the delivery of the best available technology. With over 1,000 clients nationwide, Cal-Sierra is recognized nationally for delivering solutions in an affordable yet contemporary approach. The Cal-Sierra team is committed to providing the highest quality of sales, consulting, and services throughout every project cycle. 


Cal-Sierra is a long-time Platinum Solutions Provider with Xerox. You can look to the Cal-Sierra Solutions Sales team for all your Xerox printer and supply requirements. For more information on how Cal-Sierra can help provide a plan for your printer and data security, talk to one of your Solutions Sales team members.


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