Zebra ZT610: High-res, low-maintenance thermal printing


An industrial printer needs to combine ruggedness to withstand a tough environment with the finesse to produce high-quality barcode labels. Businesses that rely on their industrial printers to output barcodes on tiny labels also need high-resolution that delivers the clarity required.

The new Zebra ZT610 industrial printer handles all those tasks with the ease and reliability we’ve come to expect from this data collection technology leader.

The Zebra ZT610 replaces the 110Xi4 and its RFID version, the R110Xi4. This industrial printer keeps the features that made the Xi4’s such a success, like the all-metal construction, 24/7 performance, and easy media loading with lighted path and side-loading door. Zebra added more features to boost the performance, ease of use, management, and longevity.

  • The 600 dpi resolution delivers more precision and registration, ideal for micro-labels as small as 3mm.
  • The long-life printhead saves money on replacements.
  • The settings have been simplified with the addition of a printhead pressure toggle and a single knob for media adjustments.
  • Advanced onboard sensors reduce downtime with alerts to status and problems, and connecting to troubleshooting help.
  • Add upgrades later, with field-installable RFID and media handling, like a rewinder, cutter, and peeler.
  • The memory has been expanded to 1 GB RAM and 2 GB of flash.
  • The ZT610 features an 800 Mhz processor, a substantial upgrade over the Xi4’s 133 Mhz processor.
  • A color LCD display replaces the backlit LCD display, improving visibility.
  • Two open communication slots let you quickly expand your connectivity, including 802.11ac, parallel, Ethernet, IPv6, and applicator interface.

The Xi4 has been one of the leaders among industrial printers since it was first introduced. The upgrades provided in the ZT610 manage to elevate the performance beyond the Xi4. Zebra also gives unprecedented operational visibility and control, plug-and-play integration, and a platform that will evolve with your needs.

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