Mobile Printing at Point of Care Ensures Accuracy with Specimen Collection

QLn320HC Specimen Barcode

Mobile Printing at Point of Care Ensures Accuracy with Specimen Collection

Incorrectly identified lab samples account for more than 160,000 adverse events in hospital-based labs around the U.S. Although most of the errors are caught before the results are released, the high incidence of errors—and the time it takes to correct those—pose a significant problem.

Automated data collection has been integrated in healthcare organizations as a solution for patient safety, as well as, gathering essential data for improving care. Mobility has made the process of gathering data even easier. More than that, it has made it more accurate.

Producing and applying a barcode label at the point of bedside specimen collection dramatically reduces the risk of sample misidentification. By scanning the patient’s barcoded wristband, the clinician can verify the patient’s identity with the lab order. Once the sample is collected, a barcode label is generated from a compact mobile printer, and applied to the vial. This method eliminates a hand-written label that can contain errors or be incorrectly interpreted in the lab (e.g., illegible handwriting, smudged ink). A purpose-built barcode label printer will produce a durable label with a crisp barcode that is quickly scanned in the lab for further verification.

Cal-Sierra specializes in automated data collection technology for the healthcare industry. We’ve examined the hardware to find the solutions that deliver consistently reliable results. The Zebra QLn Series Healthcare Mobile Printers are designed specifically to provide the convenience, ease, and safety required in a hospital. The QLn220-HC weighs less than two pounds, so it can easily be clipped to a belt, tucked in a pocket, or carried on a trolley. This mobile printer is encased in disinfectant-ready plastic, so it stands up to constant cleaning by the common solvents used in hospitals. The QLn220-HC connects easily to your wireless network; your IT staff will appreciate the ease of remotely handling updates and troubleshooting.

This Zebra mobile printer meets the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) harmonization requirements. It’s also certified by all of the leading electronic health record (EHR) providers.

Prevent the occurrence of misidentification of lab samples. Talk to the healthcare technology specialists at Cal-Sierra to learn more about purpose-built barcode label solutions. And download the free Cal-Sierra Healthcare Solutions Guide.