Lighten the Nurse’s Load with a Higher Functioning Mobile Computer

Healthcare Mobile Printer

Mobility is a critical part of improving patient safety and increasing staff productivity. When a nurse is equipped with mobile devices, she/he can accomplish more tasks. However, many nurses are burdened with multiple devices. A survey of the nursing staff at the Childrens Medical Center in Dallas revealed that nurses carry up to five different mobile devices: a company-issued phone, a pager, a barcode scanner, a specimen labeler, and their personal smartphone.

In addition to the extra load, they’re also wasting time finding the right device for a specific use: accessing electronic health records (EHR), monitoring their patients, verifying patient identification and medications, making phone calls, and sending/receiving text messages.

More importantly, the use of personal devices compromises patient privacy and the hospital’s network security.

Spyglass Consulting reported nurses in 67% of the hospitals they surveyed used their personal smartphones to “support clinical communications and workflow”, and 88% of the hospitals were concerned about the risk involved with unprotected devices on their networks. The Ponemon Institute also looked at the problem and reported that 81% of healthcare organizations have sensitive data on mobile devices, with 49% of these groups providing no security for that data.

There’s a better solution. Equip staff with an enterprise-class mobile computer—a device that presents the ease of a consumer smartphone with the increased security, data capture, connectivity, ruggedness, and functionality required by the hospital staff. The Zebra TC51-HC touch computer is purpose-built for healthcare. This handheld computer looks like a smartphone, but provides more security and functions.

  • The sanitized housing is made of medical-grade plastic casing that easily handles the constant disinfecting with common solvents. Zebra also minimized the number of seams and crevices and covered the screw holes to prevent the spread of germs.
  • The TC51-HC features IP54 sealing. It can be dropped on the concrete floor and sprayed with water, and this rugged mobile computer will keep working. The Corning Gorilla Glass touch panel and imager window provide maximum protection of these vulnerable areas.
  • The8 GHz hexa-core 64-bit processor runs apps up to five times faster, consumes 15 percent less power, and can run voice and data applications simultaneously.
  • The TC51-HC uses noise-cancelling technology and one-watt speakers for maximum voice clarity.
  • Zebra’s Workforce Connect Enterprise Messaging protects patient privacy with an easy-to-deploy, cloud-based solution.
  • With Active Edge Touch Zone, users create dedicated keys for the features they use the most. They can access these applications with the press of a finger.
  • 11ac delivers the fastest possible Wi-Fi speeds and most robust roaming support, enabling fast screen draws, rapid data input, high quality Voice-over-WLAN calls, and no dropped calls.
  • TC51-HC’s PRZM Intelligent Imaging enables rapid data capture of both 1D and 2D barcodes, saving time that’s wasted on re-scanning.

Give your nurses one tool to handle more tasks. Talk to Cal-Sierra about the Zebra TC51-HC and other healthcare-specific mobile technology. Click here for our free Cal-Sierra Healthcare Solutions Guide.