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Stop Playing Hide and Seek with Your Hospital’s Valuable Equipment

Misplacing your phone can feel like a critical situation. We live by the resources on our phones, making them a valuable asset. In healthcare, lost or misplaced assets can truly present a critical problem. When your staff is trying to...Read More
MC40HC - Inventory Scanning

Patients Are 3,333 Times More Likely to Be Harmed Than Airplane Passengers.

There’s a one in a million chance of a person being harmed when traveling on an airplane, and a one in 300 chance of a harm occurring to a patient as a result of healthcare, according to the World Health...Read More
Vehicle Mount

Get tighter and tougher with your inventory control

Managing the rapid movement of inventory can be a challenge in a busy plant and warehouse. From raw materials to finished products, you need reliable information and real-time visibility to make smart, timely decisions and avoid downtime, overruns, out-of-stocks, and...Read More