Get tighter and tougher with your inventory control

Vehicle Mount

Managing the rapid movement of inventory can be a challenge in a busy plant and warehouse. From raw materials to finished products, you need reliable information and real-time visibility to make smart, timely decisions and avoid downtime, overruns, out-of-stocks, and delays in processing inbound and outbound shipments.

Automated data collection (ADC) is critical to achieving tighter inventory control. Manual methods leave too much room for error, as well as, wasting valuable labor that should be invested in achieving more profitable results.

Adding mobility to the mix boosts accuracy and productivity in your workforce.

  • Unplug warehouse workers from fixed workstations and give them mobile computers and printers, rugged barcode scanners that reach farther, and wearables that enable faster, more accurate picking.
  • Use vehicle-mounted mobile computers in forklifts to increase the drivers’ efficiency.
  • Integrate RFID to eliminate the time wasted on tracking items.
  • Complete cycle counts more efficiently.
  • Expedite replenishment to reduce downtime in production.

With the advances of today’s ADC technology and rugged mobile devices, you have the tools to drive more results. The Zebra TC8000, for example, is a new all-touch mobile computer that combines an unparalleled level of ruggedness, ergonomic comfort, reliability, and computing power. Zebra did an exhaustive study during the development of this new handheld computer and determined it can increase productivity by 14%. That’s the equivalent of adding one hour per worker per shift.  This benefit isn’t just the savings in labor costs, but the value of what could be accomplished with that “found” time.

ADC and mobile technology delivers a strong return on investment that contributes to a low total cost of ownership. Talk to the experts at Cal-Sierra Technologies to learn how you can get tighter control over your inventory and reap the rewards.