Are your IDs and access controls tough enough for the job?

ID Card

Every advancement in ID and access control technology steps up the security level while also challenging people to override the enhanced protection features. Are you keeping up with the latest card printing improvements that contribute to more secure ID cards?

The security of an ID card is determined by several factors:

  1. The print quality. Vivid color, clear printing, and photo/image quality are determined by the printer and the cards. You have your choice of thermal card printing technology: direct-to-card and retransfer. Direct-to-card, as you’d expect, transfers the image directly to the card, and provides good print quality. The retransfer process transfers the image in reverse onto a clear receiving layer on an intermediate film. The printhead then applies heat and pressure to retransfer that image to the card. The image-receiving film bonds to the layer, adding a protective layer. Retransfer card printers produce exceptional print quality with vibrant color, durable printing, and clear, crisp readability. The better the print quality, the harder it is for someone to produce counterfeit cards.
  2. Tamper-evident and tamper-proof protections. Laminates add a layer of protection to ID badges and access control cards. Holograms and Guilloche images with hidden micro-text enable counterfeit and altered cards to be more visible. You can also pre-print the cards with serial numbers, UV-visible ink, optical variable ink (OVI) and micro-text to make it easy to find the fakes.
  3. The card’s durability. More secure ID cards start with more durable card stock. These cards don’t bend easily and require less frequent replacement. Cards that are frequently scanned and used need to be tough enough for the wear and tear. If your card will be attached to a lanyard, the slot can weaken the card, so choose one that has the strength to provide the protection you intend.

You have many choices of thermal printers for your card printing. Cal-Sierra Technologies can help you pinpoint the solution that fits your needs. Contact us to explore your options for building more security in your ID badges and access control cards.