Mobilize your Healthcare Team

Healthcare Technology

When your staff can work wirelessly, they have the flexibility to be where they are needed and still remain connected. Mobility creates more agility for responsive care. Clinicians, nurses, technicians, and other key personnel should be equipped with the mobile devices that not only increase staff productivity but also elevate the quality of patient care.

Mobile computers and tablets, barcode scanners, and even printers enable your healthcare team to easily record and verify critical data in real time, increasing patient safety. An integrated voice and data solution, for example, can save six to ten man-hours per week—time that can be applied to patient care.


Here are a few ways that mobility can enhance patient safety and improve workflow.

Remote Patient Monitoring

A direct link to their patients allows nurses to respond quickly and maximize efficiency.

Bedside Specimen Labeling

Point-of-care labeling is proven to reduce errors.

Staff Communication

Your team can access critical data, and collaborate effectively, when and where they’re needed.

Supply Inventory Management

Quickly and easily check the status of your critical supplies.