RFID Business & Industrial Scanning/Computing

Stop searching for inventory and assets. With Zebra RFID solutions, you will automatically know the location of business-critical items - whether you're tracking merchandise in your stores, medication in your hospitals or goods flowing in and out of your warehouses. Made for your environment, application and conditions.

Handheld Readers
From warehouses and loading docks to indoor customer-facing and carpeted environments, our mobile and handheld RFID readers help you achieve maximum visibility into your enterprise assets.

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Fixed Readers
Our fixed RFID readers help you achieve maximum asset visibility in warehouse and loading dock environments.

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Reader Antennas
In combination with Zebra's fixed readers, these efficient antennas deliver high-throughput, high capacity communication, enabling organizations to capture, move and manage critical information to and from every point of business activity.

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RFID Labels & Supplies
Zebra's selection of stock RFID labels and tags meet the requirements of most applications and budgets.

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RFID Printers
Zebra RFID printers give you total visibility, allowing you to identify, track, manage and optimize assets.

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Stay connected and stay in control with our end-to-end solutions, featuring hardware that captures data (including UWB Active RFID, WhereNet Active RFID, Bluetooth® low energy technology, Passive RFID, as well as 3rd-party locate sensing hardware). In addition, we have more fixed, handheld, and portable RFID systems installed than any other provider. Learn more about the hardware that powers our solutions and empowers your business.


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Discover your next best move with Zebra SavannaDISCOVER YOUR NEXT BEST MOVE WITH ZEBRA SAVANNA

Don’t just collect data. Put data to work with Zebra Savanna, a breakthrough data intelligence platform. Zebra Savanna combines Internet of Things (IoT) end-point connectivity, configuration management, data transport, data storage, analytics and machine learning into one platform. Leverage Zebra Savanna to turn raw data into actionable insights for your business.


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5 Steps to Piloting RFID in Retail5 STEPS TO PILOTING RFID IN RETAIL

Strengthen your store's RFID implementation strategy with Zebra. Our Five Steps to Piloting RFID Guide will lead you through the steps to implementing a more successful RFID strategy.


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