As a solutions provider, integrator, and reseller as well as a Premier KwSoft Partner, you can take advantage of tools, resources, and our support system to differentiate your unique value to your customers and the marketplace. Since CCM applications are evolving from supporting static, printed output, and one-way broadcasting to creating dynamic, on-demand communications via multiple channels, your customers will experience meaningful connections through KwSoft Series M/ integrated by Cal-Sierra's nationally recognized brand and quality reputation.

KwSoft Series M/ enables the creation, delivery, storage and retrieval, and analysis of outbound and interactive communications. This application integration focuses on composing, personalizing, formatting, and distributing communications between an enterprise and its customers, prospective customers, and business partners. The software enables customer-focused output in a wide range of digital and analog media, including mobile devices, email, SMS, web pages, and print.


Multichannel Delivery

Create, preview, and publish mobile-responsive web and print-ready communications within a single editor by dragging and dropping synchronized content from channel to channel. The Series M/ solution supports a variety of output formats, such as AFP, PCL, Postscript, PDF, PDF/A, PDF/A-3 (ZUGFeRD), PDF/UA, PDF/VT, HTML, TIFF, PNG, SVG and XML.

Workflows, Sorting and Post-Processing

Visually design workflows to connect documents, forms, onboarding, and customer communication processes while integrating data along the way to allow you to route content, automatically sort generated output and enable document post-processing according to your established business processes.

Targeted Campaigns

Embed personalized content and offers into forms and documents. This customer-driven approach encourages organic, relevant, upsell and cross-sell opportunities at each stage of the customer journey, deepening the relationship and boosting your bottom line.

Batch and On-Demand Communications

Send important documents, like monthly statements, or privacy updates, by identifying triggers for on-demand communications. Or, to provide the same one-time update to a large group, choose batch delivery. You can also define editable areas on some documents and allows business users to modify them before you send them out.

Document Design and Rule Composition

Create documents in different formats, including PDF, laser printer formats, and label printer formats. PostScript and Printer Control Language (PCL) options let you send your documents to a network or local printer, or to save as a file. Smart rules are applied easily to document templates and allow to significantly reduce the number of maintained forms.

Input Data Mapping

Easily leverage existing data and documents wherever they might be. Automatically extract only the needed data from incoming data streams. Series M/ supports a variety of input data formats, like XML, CSV, AFP, PCL. SAP-certified transmission of raw data of SAPscript output and SmartForms output (RDI interface).



Why KwSoft Series M/ Customer Communications Management?

KwSoft Series M/ Customer Communications Management (Series M/) enables a wide range of the world's leading companies to reduce the cost of communicating with their customers, suppliers, and employees. It also increases the ROI from enterprise business applications and makes all of their printed and electronic output more personalized and customer-focused. Customers include leading global companies such as Raiffeisen Bank International, UniCredit Group, Holsten Brewery, Bayern Services, HDI Global SE.



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