Treat your printers like your car—or better.

Routine maintenance is often not “routine” at all. We are creatures of habit, ignoring preventive care because when a machine is working, you don’t need those services. In the end, overlooking the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule can shorten the life...Read More

Are your IDs and access controls tough enough for the job?

Every advancement in ID and access control technology steps up the security level while also challenging people to override the enhanced protection features. Are you keeping up with the latest card printing improvements that contribute to more secure ID cards?...Read More

Zebra ZT610: High-res, low-maintenance thermal printing

An industrial printer needs to combine ruggedness to withstand a tough environment with the finesse to produce high-quality barcode labels. Businesses that rely on their industrial printers to output barcodes on tiny labels also need high-resolution that delivers the clarity...Read More

Your outdated technology isn’t saving you money. It’s costing you.

We see technology improvements and updates weekly. When do you know the right time to bite the bullet and invest in the latest and greatest? Your decision should be based on the return on investment. How will the updated technology...Read More

Get your hands on the patient wristband solution that is the right fit for the job.

Barcoded wristbands have already been proven to increase patient safety. Positive patient identification prevents medical errors and protects the integrity of specimen collection. So, you know that wristbands are the solution, but then you have a choice to make. Which...Read More