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Ecodocx Extream

Customer communications are vital to the health of your business. Exstream from Ecodocx brings you a powerful new communications platform. Flexible event-driven transactional processing is paired with Exstream’s productive engine and interactive editing capabilities to allow you to integrate and distribute all electronic and paper documents. You gain the highest ability to manage customer communications to optimize customer experience. Ecodocx Extream lets you engage your customers, suppliers, and office anywhere on any device with personalized messaging.

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OpenText Exstream

Integrate and distribute documents with complete flexibility. Personalize customer communications for truly individualized experiences. You create professional, customized communications that can be scaled across any document-driven business process. Allows you to create, generate and distribute documents in batches or on-demand.

With OpenText Exstream, different departments within your organization can control and customize whole documents, or certain parts of a document without the need to wait for updates from IT staff, which frees up IT resources, and cuts production and go-to-market time.

Strategic solution analysis and design
Creation of a blueprint for the setup and rollout of a document automation
Legacy conversions including migration of forms and business intelligence from former versions of OpenText StreamServe.
Creation of intelligent document templates with different complexity formulas
Setup and creation of multi-output channels (PDF, PS, AFP, fax, e-mail, etc.)
Professional services to customize to your unique requirements
Production support
Knowledge transfer and product training