Supply Chain Solutions

Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS)

In an industry where the typical warehouse software system is rigidly monolithic, difficult to customize, and painfully expensive, our approach brings a much needed warehouse management solution (WMS) to the challenge of warehouse automation.

Designed for flexibility, Warehouse Wizard for iSeries allows a company to automate its supply chain management (SCM) operations step by step, without having to throw away its original investment in application software/hardware.

Separate Wizard modules, each providing a specific featured capability, can be integrated gradually into an existing software and hardware environment.

Our WMS applications and SCM services allow a company to scale its investment in proportion to its desired automation level without causing major disruptions in its routine SCM activities.

Supply Chain
Warehouse Wizard Modules:
  • The Locator System Module
  • Freight Management Module
  • Receiving Module
  • Putaway Module
  • Manufacturing Module
  • Picking Module
  • Automated Replenishment Module
  • Packing / Tagging Module
  • EDI Compliance Module
  • Returns Module
  • Supply Chain Management Module
  • Cycle Counting and Physical Inventory Module

Voice Directed Applications

Voice Management Suite has a unique three-layer architecture that addresses both the short and long term challenges of operating a voice solution. It goes beyond delivering the productivity and accuracy Voxware’s you’d expect from voice by providing adaptability, portability, and scalability unseen in other solutions. When voice directed applications are adaptable, portable, and scalable, you have the power to manage long term cost.

Voice Directed Applications

Demand more from your voice solution. It’s no longer enough for voice to improve worker productivity and accuracy. The real measure of success for voice solutions is the flexibility and control it grants you in meeting changes head on.

Voxware has evolved voice solutions beyond custom, point solutions to make voice easier to implement, harness, and manage. We know that a wearable computer is only as good as the software that guides it.

Voxware offers a packaged software solution that combines various voice solutions, a voice toolset, and an enterprise voice architecture delivering the highest degree of flexibility and control.

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