Output Management Solutions


Whether it's communicating with customers and suppliers, triggering internal processes, or facilitating payment and revenue, print output management keeps business transactions flowing and the organization healthy. Your document environment can also make solid contributions to the bottom line. It already does for more than 5,000 StreamServe customers around the world.

Document Management
StreamServe Persuasion™ by OpenText, an OpenText ECM Suite solution, enables you to:
  • Engage more profitably with customers by leveraging personally relevant information at touchpoints ranging from one-on-one contact to high-volume, mass-produced documents.
  • Streamline output management processes to lower cost and speed performance through simplified and automatic document execution and handling.
  • Give business users hands-on control of the documents they need to run the business, and simultaneously relieve the demands on IT for change requests and support.

Linked with your business systems, but requiring few or no changes to them, StreamServe Persuasion by OpenText adds extensive in-house capabilities for defining, producing and interacting with enterprise documents. It provides straightforward tools for business users such as designers, marketing staff, customer support agents, and process owners to efficiently create and use the documents that matter to them.

Supporting Customer Communications Management, for example, StreamServe Persuasion empowers business managers to rapidly and directly create content such as marketing messages, campaigns, and cross/upsell offers, and to control how and when this content is automatically included in customer correspondence and at touchpoints such as customer support conversations.

In document-intensive business processes—logistics and distribution, for example—StreamServe Persuasion eliminates most, if not all, costly and error-prone manual handling. Automating the flow of paperwork through electronic checkpoints, StreamServe Persuasion reduces cost, accelerates timelines, and substantially improves the accuracy of the documentation. The result? Better customer, partner and supplier relationships.

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