Barcode Verification Services
Barcode Verifier

Cal-Sierra Technologies has barcode verifier solutions to verify all types of barcodes for conformance with industry standards. At Cal-Sierra, we want to provide you with the ultimate barcode verification performance and accuracy. We thoughtfully partner with recognized industry leaders to ensure that you receive the most accurate results every time. Our verifier offering conforms to industry standards, so your barcode printing and scanning successfully will conform as well.

Cal-Sierra barcode verification technology offers you:

  • 1D, 2D, and DPM verifiers
  • Fixed mount and handheld verifiers
  • Verifiers that allow you to meet industry standard requirements
  • Tools you need to correct barcode quality problems that scanning alone will not provide
  • Devices that allow you to do barcode verification right

Let our Solution Consultants inform you on the most recent verification technology and enhancements.

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